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3rd Epiphany 2018 Follow Me

Jesus invited four fishermen to join Him in His ministry. Using two simple words - Follow Me. He invites us to follow Him and be His disciple.

2nd Epiphany 2018 Being called Here I am

God called Samuel who became a great prophet. Jesus called Philip who called his brother and Nathanael became a disciple. We are called but will we answer - will be say Here I AM.

Baptism of our Lord 1st Epiphany

Everything has a beginning. Our lives have a beginning, new jobs, school years, etc. Jesus ministry had a beginning with His baptism by John in river Jordan. Our lives also have a new beginning when we receive Jesus as our Lord and in our baptism.

1st Sunday after Christmas Day

Some reject, some receive - to those who receive He gave the power to become children of God. God dwelt among them through Jesus - God dwells with us in our hearts when we receive Him.

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