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2nd Sunday in Lent Yr B A decision needed

Many of us like to have input in a decision making process. Whether it is around the house, at work, or just with friends. We like to provide information that will or could enhance an outcome. Such as it was with Peter when Jesus told them plainly what was about to happen. He didn't fully understand and what was required was faith and trust even if the outlook looked different than what we thought it should be.

Last Sunday after the Epiphany Being Transformed and adoption service

Jesus was with Peter, James and John on a mountain and was transformed before them. They saw Jesus' inner divinity revealed and witnessed the fulfilling of the Law and Prophets with the presence of Moses and Elijah. We also are transformed by the Holy Spirit. Today we celebrated the blessing of adoption.

1st Sunday in Lent Yr B Abrupt changes

There are things that interrupt our life. Interrupts can be good in that they refocus our attention. God interrupts our lives to draw us closer to Him and lets us know He is still in control and with us.

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