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Palm Sunday 2018 Spectator, Skeptic, Believer 1

It is easy to be a spectator for nothing is required of us. It is easy to be a skeptic because we can walk away justified. It is hard to be a believer. When Jesus entered into Jerusalem it announced His Kingship, His Priesthood, and the Judgment. The good news is spectators and skeptics can become believers and believer are encouraged and strengthened.

5th Sunday in Lent Yr B Seeking like the Gentile believer

We all like to seek the truth. The Gentile Greeks came to seek Jesus. While we don't know what answer they received Jesus' mission to be a light to the world has been fulfilled. Whether we have known Jesus for years or are a seeker let us be like the Gentile who came to learn more of Him and from Him.

3rd Sunday in Lent Yr B Turniing the tables in our heart

It was close to Passover and Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers. They had made it a place of business opportunity, comprising a true worship of God. Jesus will turn the tables in our hearts that hinder our relationship with Him if we let Him.

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