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4th Easter What is your passion

All of us have passions. We are passionate about things in our lives. From the NASCAR fan, to the fisherman, to the culinary artist. the environmentalist, to the nutritionist. Jesus has a passion and it is for us to know Him as LORD and Savior. We see His passion in being the Good Shepherd. The question is do we have the same passion for Him, a passion that leads us to share with the world His passion for them. A passion that strengthens, encourages and provides hope.

3rd Sunday of Easter - More than a repeat encounter

The disciples that had met with Jesus on the road to Emmaus had returned to Jerusalem and while telling the others that Jesus was alive He appeared to them. After showing them He was not a ghost He commission them to proclaim the Gospel to the world beginning in Jerusalem.

2nd Easter Third Day People

Are you a Third Day person? On the day of the resurrection Jesus appeared to women at the tomb. He told them to tell the others He had risen. The two disciples on the road ran back to the tell the disciples Jesus was alive. At first the disciples didn't believe them. They soon became Third Day people - when Jesus appeared to them. Believing in the resurrection of Jesus and making Him LORD we become Third Day People. Are you a Third Day Person?

Easter Sunday 2018

He is Risen - The Cross is where forgiveness begins, the resurrection is the victory of sin and reconciliation with God.

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