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Memorial Day Remembering the Sacrifices

Memorial Day many think as the unofficial beginning of summer - often celebrated with BBQ and recreation - It is a day to remember those who died while in servicing their country for our freedoms. Let us remember that Jesus sacrificed His life for our freedom from sin and reconciled us to God.

Love as Christ loved us

Jesus at the Last Supper told His disciples to love one another as I have loved you. Jesus loved them unconditionally. He knew it was their love for each other that would draw all to God. It is the same love we are to express to the world so others my experience the love of Christ.

Listening and hearing Jesus' voice

When we listen to someone and hear their voice and bring us comfort, encouragement, security, peace. Jesus' voice brings all of that and shows us the way to salvation and eternal life. Something no other voice can offer.

Peter and the three questions

Jesus posed three the same question to Peter three times. And each time Peter answered Jesus gave Peter three different ministry commands. The same questions Jesus asked Peter, He asks us and gives the same ministry commands.

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