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God said Here I Am

We often say to God "Here I am send me" however God said "Here I am" to all nations. He calls each of us and to all - whether we or they are looking or not. God desires all to come to Him through His Son Jesus - who transforms and renews our lives when we make Him Lord.

Pentecost Sunday The Church alive

Pentecost - More than the birth of the Church, it is the Coronation of the Church and empowering of the Church and its disciples to go into the world to share God's Grace, Love and Mercy. A day God made hearts of stone to hearts of flesh and dwelt with our hearts.

When Jesus prayed for His disciples

Jesus was praying for His disciples He was also praying for us...John 17:20 Jesus not only prayed on behalf of His disciples but also on behalf of those who WILL believe in Him. And like the disciples He prays for us and on behalf of those who will come to know Him through our words...

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