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Four responses to Christ

How many times do we ask "I wonder what God has in store for me?" It is a question that comes from a servant's heart for God. The real question is how do we respond. Do we respond like Abraham, or Sarah, or Martha, or Mary? At any one time we will probably answer like one of them. How will you answer? (caution -wardrobe malfunction at the end - LOL)

Mercy Compassion Neighbor OR

Most us will try and justify who our neighbor is. Jesus asked - "Who is our neighbor" The answer was "the one who showed mercy". Jesus said "Go and do likewise." Let us show others God's mercy so they may know of God's Grace, His Love and His Mercy.

Mission commissioned by Jesus

Just as Jesus commissioned the 70 to go into the villages ahead of Him on His way to Jerusalem He commissions us to go out to share about the Kingdom of God being here.

Don't Hesitate Following Jesus

We made decisions daily. Some of the decisions are easy decisions while others were hesitate and weigh our options. Some are made spontaneously while others are not. The decision to follow Jesus is one that requires full commitment. When we do we experience a personal relationship with Him, our character and attitude becomes more like His and we have the knowledge that no matter what challenges we face He will be with us.

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