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Are you Self-justified or humble before God

Different denominations have different ways in which they worship God. At the heart of worship is our heart toward God. Do we aggrandize our self be Him or do we come with a humble heart. It is only through Jesus that we are made righteous before God and of our own actions.

Relying on the justice of God

The widow Luke 18:1-8 went to a judge to seek a remedy. The judge was unjust and did not care about God or anyone - he had a hard heart. Jacob had to rely in end on God for reconciliation and protection. The same is true today - we can go boldly to God's throne in our time of need.

Gratitude for God's blessings

To paraphrase a quote "We are more ready to pray to God than to praise Him." When we experience God's hand at work in our life or the life of others; when we experience His presence when we are going through a rough time, do we praise Him and express our gratitude that He is present in our life?

Lord Increase our faith

*Ambient sound input - not direct input, poor sound quality* There are many reason we ask to have our faith increased; when we are walking through a tough time, for someone we are praying for, to strengthen us for the future. Faith is what sustains us and sharing our faith encourages others.

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