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Endurance and our faith in Christ

Jesus was pointing out to His disciples there are many things that can distract them from their faith in Him. He was preparing them to endure, to maintain the faith, and being prepared. We too are to read, mark and inwardly digest Scripture which point to Jesus as the Lord.

Honoring our Veterans and serving our Lord

In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses, row on row - the beginning of the poem by LtCol McCrae written the day after his friend was killed in WWI. Veterans - Duty and Honor and Loyalty (Courage). As our Veterans served to gain our freedom, Jesus died to give us freedom from sin. We are called to serve and share His grace, love and mercy so others may grow in His strength and be freed from sin.

God seek to restore us to Him

When we look around we can find things that need to be restored. When we see something being restored we are amazed by the outcome when it is finished. God invites us to be restored through the power of the Holy Spirit when we turn our hearts to Him.

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