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December 31, 2018

When we look for someone to do a job or an employer looks to hire someone they vet the person to see if they qualified and have the skill set to do the work. What qualified Mary to be the mother of Jesus -the Son of God. What qualified Elizabeth to the mother John the...

December 19, 2018

Today we had celebrated by having our Young Pageant at the 10:00 AM service. They were fantastic. This is a short homily that followed. John the Baptizer's call to repentance is about the heart and relationship with have with God. It is not about entitlement or because...

December 10, 2018

John the Baptist came proclaiming the coming of the Lord. He proclamation was to prepare the way... It was not only for Israel to get ready for the Savior but also for us to constantly keep our hearts prepared.

December 6, 2018

Hope, we have hope when we trust in the LORD. While things in our lives may be cataclysmic and apocalyptic and the world may seem that way. The hope we have is in God who is steadfast and faithful. And the promise of the Christ return for us.

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