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Our Story

who we are

In the spring of 1984, the Very Reverend David Lord, with the encouragement and financial support of his congregation at Trinity Church, Vero Beach, Florida, established St. Elizabeth's Mission and called Father Morgan Gray to become the assistant for Mission Development and first Vicar.

The Masonic Lodge hall in Sebastian served as the meeting place for the new congregation. On October 21, 1984, the first service was held with 76 people attending. The congregation grew quickly, with 161 people attending the Christmas service.

In January 1985, the organizational meeting was held, the Mission was officially established, twelve people were elected to the Vestry and they chose the name of John the Baptist's mother, Elizabeth, as the name for the new Mission.

The Diocese purchased 3.5 acres, and Bishop Herbert Edmundson broke ground for the new building on October 12, 1986. The first service in the new building was held in March 1987. By January 1991, St. Elizabeth's was an independent Parish. The Russell Educational Building was added in April 1993. It has a large meeting room, classrooms and restrooms.

We have also established a memorial garden and columbarium.

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