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Advent 4 2017 Answering the call

Mary was favored by God to carry, to deliver, and to raise His Son whom He sent to save the world. Mary responded by saying yes trusting in God to sustain her knowing it was not going to be easy. We are called by God to do His work in the world. Will you answer YES... or turn away...

Advent 3 Unexpected Joys

There are two different types of Joy - the expected and unexpected. Expected joys are events that are to come like the birth of child or the embarkation of a trip. There are unexpected joys that occur out of the blue - a rainbow, a visit, a phone call - John was announcing the expected joy of a Messiah and the unexpected joy that He was in their midst.

Advent 2 Preparing our hearts

During this time of season we prepare for different events and parties. We prepare our homes by decorating them and for guest. We get busy with the events of the holiday and joy of the season however it is a time to prepare our hearts for what God has done and will do through His Son Jesus.

Advent 1 Stop and Look - there is hope

Advent: the coming into place or arrival. With the advent of something it brings hope. Whether new and improved or a change. With Advent there is hope. The first Advent brought the hope and fulfillment of redemption and restoration. The Second is the anticipation and hope of coming of our Lord.

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