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Hope and confidence in a Risen Lord

Thomas was not the only one who doubted -all the disciples did until Jesus revealed Himself to them. He then gave them the Holy Spirit to go and share the Good News of salvation. This is the hope we can share with the world... the Good News of a Risen Lord... From Doubt to Hope...

Easter Sunday 2019 The Resurrection

It wasn't an Alleluia Day for the disciples until Jesus revealed Himself in the Upper Room that evening. For us we celebrate Alleluia the Lord is Risen, the Lord has Risen indeed, Alleluia. When we remember what Jesus did for us - let us remember that everyday is an Alleluia Day... Happy Easter

Palm Sunday 2019

We read the Passion on this Sunday taking us from the Last Supper, to the Garden of Gethsemane, to the trail and ending with the Crucifixion. It is a journey that takes just short of Easter. What we miss most is the Triumphal Entry and we lose sight of Jesus' concern and prayers for us...

Fifth Sunday Lent Worship, Witness, Work, balancing our Christian Walk

A balanced life is so important to our health and relationships. We can get stuck in our work or other activities. Balance is as important in our Christian Walk in Life as it not just affects our relationship with God but others. balancing our Christian walk means balancing our Worship, Witness, and Work.

Fourth Sunday Lent God's compassion for the lost

God's compassion is extended to all when we come to Him. It doesn't matter where or what we have been - it is about us coming to Him with a repentant heart. When we come not looking for a handout or hand up He extends His compassion and grace to us.

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