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No Trick Questions!

Jesus is confronted by two totally different groups of people. They both come looking for answers that will fulfill their agendas and will entrap Jesus. No matter what the agenda - Jesus is Lord and the God's kingdom will always reign.

Open Invitation

God sends out invitations to us to be a part of His kingdom. We can RSVP - rejecting or accepting His invitation. The choice is yours.

Are your abilities available for God?

God gives us abilities. The question is are the abilities we are given available to God to do His will for the kingdom of God. We can either use them for ourselves or use them for His glory.

Challenge to Go for Christ

We are invited to go by Jesus to share the Gospel. Many have the right intentions but get distracted and do not go. Other don't go at first however the Holy Spirit changes their heart and they go. Joy comes when we go ....

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