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4th Sunday in Lent 3/22, 2020 10 00 AM Service

Jesus healing of the blind man changed his life. While the man was blind he lived in uncertainty and challenges every day. When his sight was restored his life changed. Currently we live in uncertain and challenging times. Our certainty rests in Jesus and power of God to carry us through these times.

2nd Sunday in Lent Called by Faith to Go

Nicodemus came to Jesus to inquire about who He was and what He was teaching and the signs He performed. Jesus revealed Himself through the Scriptures who He was and the plans of God. Jesus reveals Himself to us when we open our hearts and have faith and trust in Him.

1st Sunday in Lent 2020 Temptations

We face temptations every day of our life. Jesus faced temptations every day of His ministry. Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit and refused the temptations. We are empowered by the same Holy Spirit enabling us to refuse temptations.

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