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The Transfiguration of Christ 2020

There were times when Jesus took His disciples aside to teach them. On the mountain Jesus revealed His glory... It would give the disciples the strength and hope when times seemed bleak. The same holds true to us today. He reveals His divinity to us so we can have the assurance in times ahead.

Choices God gives us

When we go to restaurants we are sometimes presented with a menu with multiple choices and the option of mixing and matching. God gives one choice - to follow or not - Life with Him and be the Salt of the Earth and a Light to the World. Choice Life.

Salt and Light: Jesus said "You are"

Jesus said "You Are" not "You Ought to be or should be"... We are called to be the Salt - to preserve the world from decay - a light a way to follow.

The Presentation of our Lord

As was the custom Jesus was presented and consecrate at the temple on the 40th day following His birth. God revealed to Simeon who Jesus was and God reveals to us through the Holy Spirit who Jesus is when we open our hearts to hear and receive.

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