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Jesus invites us to Follow me

Jesus expressed an invitation to follow Him and become fishers of people. When we follow and learn from Jesus we are able to share about the Kingdom of God to the world.

Come and See - the Messiah

Come See, How often do we hear someone say "Come here, you have to see this"? Come See - is John the Baptist ministry. Come see Jesus the Messiah, the Lamb of God and follow Him.

Baptism of our Lord and ours

When Jesus came to be baptized by John He as one could humbly be identified with the people of Israel who had come to repent and turn to worship God. He came to live among them and minister to their need and His baptism declares His dedication to accomplish the purpose for which He was sent; teaching and healing, in humility and self-sacrifice.

2nd Sunday after Christmas Day - God reveals so we can follow

Merry Christmas on this 12th Day of Christmas - the Eve of the Epiphany: God informs and directs. He announces His plan which may have been or will be fulfilled. When we listen, He will announce and lead us by His Holy Spirit just as He did through the sending of angels to those prior to Him sending the Holy Spirit after Jesus's resurrection and ascension.

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