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The mercy and our hope in Jesus

Bartimaeus had enjoy faith and hope when Jesus passed by. He was not deterred by those who tried to silence him. Jesus called him and asked what he wanted Him to do. We like Bartimaeus are by Jesus who asks us the same question. Be a Bartimaeus and experience Jesus' mercy.

Hindrances to serving God

What are the things we hold onto that hinder our relationship with God? In the Gospel it the holding onto possessions and thinking it was a sign God's blessings rather than a gift to be used to advance God's kingdom.

Bishop Greorgy O Brewer St Elizabeth's Oct 7 2018

Today was a day filled with great excitement. Following Bishop Brewer's message he baptized 4, confirmed 9, and received 2. After the service a lunch reception was held. I was a great pleasure to have him and his wife Laura Lee with us.

God provides those called to serve

Moses was overwhelmed leading the people of Israel. The Israelites being influences by the foreign travelers with them were complaining about only having manna to eat. God angry, Moses was displeased and at a stage of burnout but God provided not just 70 elders to help but an unexpected two more. God calls all of us to serve and He will provide what we need to serve.

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